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My name on here is Liantei, I:
- am seventeen
- am pretty average looking (long brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, freckles, the like)
- love the color purple
- am in my senior year of high school
- am currently looking into potential colleges and the like
- have a stupid dog that nonetheless I still love very much
- have a great older brother even if I don't see him as often as I'd like
- have an amazing father whom I love very much
- used to have an incredible mom
- don't speak any languages other than English
- tried to learn to speak Spanish until I realized that I am horrible at learning languages
- realized that I hate cell phones
- have no idea what I'm going to do with my life and the thought of college is terrifying
- am a horrible student which isn't conducive to doing well in college
- have no clue about sexualities or the like (especially mine), so please don't ask about that
- have no idea what else I'm supposed to say on here so I guess this is it

Interests (148):

5 seconds of summer, ac/dc, adam lambert, adele, allison iraheta, american gods, animals of all kind really, anita blake: vampire hunter, arrow, avatar: the last airbender (tv), avbyte, avengers, avril lavigne, barenaked ladies, ben 10, beth crowley, billy joel, bon jovi, brandi carlile, britney spears, cage the elephant, cal leandros, captain america, carry underwood, children of the lamp, criminal minds, daughtry, delta goodrem, dion and the belmonts, discworld, disney, doctor who, drawing, elle winter, eminem, epic rap battles, fall out boy, fergie, five for fighting, flash, fleetwood mac, florence + the machine, foreigner, fun, george ezra, glee pink, good omens, grease, grimm, guardians of the galaxy, hamilton, harry potter, i love lions and wolves, imagine dragons, inheritance cycle, iron man, johnny cash, justice league, kansas, katekyo hitman reborn, katy perry, kelly clarkson, kenny rogers, kesha, kris allen, kuroko no basuke, lady gaga, law & order: special victims unit, lea michelle, learning to play the guitar, legally blonde, legally blonde the musical, listening to music, lord of the rings, loretta lynn, luke bryan, making models or puzzles, marianas trench, max schneider, merlin, michael buble, michael jackson, miley cyrus, miranda lambert, molly kate kestner, mortal instruments, naruto, ncis, next to normal, nickleback, nightside, of monsters and men, owl city, pandora gets jealous, panic! at the disco, papa roach, paramore, patsy cline, pentatonix, percy jackson and the olympians, playing videos games on my 3ds or wii, prophecy of the sisters, queen, reading, rihanna, rise against, sam tsui, sara bareilles, secondhand serenade, sherlock, singing, skillet, smallville, spider-man, supernatural, taylor swift, teen titans, teen wolf, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tennis occasionally, the all-american rejects, the dresden files, the fray, the hobbit, the misadventures of sherlock homes, the offspring, the pretty reckless, the script, the vampire diaries, thirty seconds to mars, thor, three days grace, three doors down, toby keith, toby mac, torchwood, train, trisha yearwood, true blood, using inkscape, vampire diaries, walk the moon, watching movies with the family, wicked, writing, x-men, yellowcard, young justice
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